Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sex and the Single Wendigo

One of my favorite comic pieces is up at the Dark Krypt: "Sex and the Single Wendigo". What can be better than a sexy Carry Bradshaw-like heroine with a taste for men? And I mean a taste. Get it? (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) Here's a teaser. Trelyn and her latest victim Klaus are lunching with Trelyn's girlfriends.
"Besides," said Trelyn, "Klaus here has the imagination of a shrub, don't you, darling?" Klaus smiled dreamily, working his hand up to Trelyn's shoulder. Trelyn arched her eyebrows and whispered, "Watch." She gazed into Klaus's baby blues and said, "Gorgeous, in my West Side penthouse, the bed has rubber sheets. What do you think of that?" At the word bed, his hand dropped reflexively to Trelyn's ass. He gave her a squeeze, saying, "Whatever you like, Babe." "See?" Trelyn said. To Klaus: "Come along, darling. We'll eat at my place." "Pig," Noshmi said, once Trelyn had left with her Norse god. "Do you know she had a Jets linebacker all to herself last week? Three hundred plus pounds, and she never even offered to share."
Warning: something got messed up in transit to the Krypt, and there are a lot of typos in which the opening quotation mark has been replaced by an A. Very annoying. I'll email the editor, and we'll see what happens. D.