Sunday, July 10, 2005

This Godless Communism

This seems a timely post, given that I was just accused of being a 'pinko' over at the Writers BBS. From boingboing, this link to The Authentic History Center, which today features, in full, the 1961 Treasure Chest comic, "This Godless Communism". Here are a couple of good tidbits. From the first page: "Modern Communism got its first toehold in Russia through violence and bloodshed. A revolution was directed by a small group of men who urged the people to attack their representative government." Emphasis mine. Guess absolute monarchy was too tough a concept for the kids. From the next page: The US has been taken over by some sort of Communist coup. Ma and Pa are reading the newspaper. Pa: "And it says all the Catholic priests and sisters are being sent to a labor camp! Those who resist will be killed!" Ma: "They're doing the same thing with most of the Jewish and Protestant ministers!" Three comments. One: Jewish ministers? They must be mighty conflicted souls. Two: most of the Jewish and Protestant ministers? Do I sense the implication that some of them are collaborators? Three: dig the exclamation marks!!! *** It's still not too late to play the Resignation Pool -- it's free, it's fun. Many good dates are still available. Play now! D.


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