Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Distaff Blog

Karen never does anything halfway. When she decided to raise chameleons, we bought sixteen Ficus trees so each adult could have his or her own tree. I imagine she used to spend hours misting the chameleons, hand-feeding them, cleaning up their poops. Nowadays, she has tarantulas, forty of them, and she fusses with them as though they were AKC-pedigreed poodles. I'm quite sure I'd get more attention around here if I had four extra appendages, but then, she'd probably go and sprout fangs. She has become a news junky, too. She used to be an Arachnopets junky (a bbs for spider people), but I guess that got boring after a while. Now she spends hours a day surfing the net, hopping political blogs and other news sites. I've been after her for weeks to start her own blog. As you might imagine from an intelligent person who spends hours a day, seven days a week at the same thing, she has become a fairly sharp analyst. Why blog? Why the hell not? So here's an open invitation: come check out Chelicera, Karen's political blog. No pretty window dressing -- Karen's into the Zen minimalist thing. D.


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