Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's a little early for Halloween . . .

. . . but what the hell! CNN.com: Mummified Body Found in Front of TV Quote:

Johannas Pope had told her live-in caregiver that she didn't want to be buried and planned on returning after she died, Hamilton County Coroner O'Dell Owens said Monday.

Pope died in August 2003 at age 61. Her body was found last week in the upstairs of her home on a quiet street. Her daughter and granddaughter lived downstairs. They and Ms. Pope's caregiver all believed she would come back to life. I think I can forgive the three-year-old granddaughter for thinking that, but the other two? Here's how to make a mummy, circa 2006. Prop dead body in front of TV. Leave the air conditioner running -- forever. Enter room occasionally to spray body with Lysol. Don't let the air conditioner breakdown, 'cuz guess what, folks -- that's how the neighbors figured it out. D.


Blogger Shelbi said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I watched the video about the caregiver thinking body parts grew back, and the explanation of why she thought that.


That is one of the strangest stories I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing.

No, really, I mean that.

Heh heh.

1/10/2006 11:30:00 PM  
Anonymous fiveandfour said...

As the Manolo would say, "Ayyyyyyy!".

(Because I can't think of any of my own words in reaction to that situation.)

1/11/2006 01:45:00 AM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

Decades ago a man in Key West dug up his dead love's body and lived with it as, ahem, 'husband and wife' for several years before everybody caught on that he'd reconstructed her corpse.

1/11/2006 06:41:00 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Mary Stella, funny thing -- I reviewed a story for Tangent just like that, not long ago. Can't recall the name, but the idea was the same.

1/11/2006 07:12:00 AM  

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