Friday, September 09, 2005

The hand that feeds

This is an old story from last May, but since some of you aren't Trent Reznor fans, you may have missed it. Trent's band, Nine Inch Nails, had a spot on the MTV Movie Awards. They wanted Trent to perform The Hand that Feeds, the lead single from his new album, With Teeth. Trent asked that a photo of George W. Bush be used as a backdrop for his performance.
Well, maybe not that photo. In fact, Trent has stated that the photo would have been "unaltered and straightforward". I like the George-flipping-bird photo because it reminds us all what an uncouth jackass the man is. Anyway, MTV refused to let NIN do this, saying it would politicize the Awards. Trent, stand-up guy that he is, pulled out of the festivities. Read more about this here. Why did Trent want George's mug as a backdrop? Oh, maybe because the song is all about Dubya. Here's a bit of lyrics, and you can find the whole song here. You're keeping in step In the line Got your chin held high and you feel just fine Because you do What you're told But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it? What if this whole crusade's A charade And behind it all there's a price to be paid For the blood On which we dine Justified in the name of the holy and the divine

Chorus. D.