Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Littlest Nailhead

I popped over to John Scalzi's blog this morning to see what he's been up to. Answer: he's been busy. Stay away from a guy's blog for four days and you end up with miles of column inches in your mental to-be-read basket. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the photo of his daughter wearing a Gothed-out Powder Puff Girls T shirt. The caption is priceless, as is the take no prisoners expression on his daughter's face. John also posted a link to a comic called Kindergoth, which reminded me: I still have ten bucks over at PayPal (for selling my story Saul the Deserted to Neverary) burning a hole in my electronic pocket. Time to spend it on something morally uplifting, like Kindergoth. Jake used to be a kindergoth. At four, Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile was his favorite CD. Soon after, he became enamored with the rest of Reznor's oeuvre, including Closer. Um . . . especially Closer. Karen and I used to joke about Jake singing this to his k-garten teacher, but the truth is, he's always had more common sense than that. After Nine Inch Nails, he branched out into The Cure and Tears for Fears (bunch of poseurs compared to Trent Reznor, but they fake it well). Lately he's been into Pink Floyd, which, all things considered, is a good deal more upbeat. The Wall is a church picnic compared to The Fragile. Speaking of churches: thanks to this month's Harper's for teaching me the word megachurch. The latest issue features a full scale salvo against the Evangelical movement's political machine, including a new article by Jeff Sharlet, whose article "Jesus Plus Nothing" provided inspiration for my novel's Kinist Church. That's it for now, folks. Someone with a stuffy nose is bound to show up at my door any minute now. D.


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