Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And you thought Metallica was a head-banger band

Below, you'll find a picture of Karen's P. metallica. Note elegant fangs. P. metallica is commonly known as the Gooty Ornamental tarantula, but . . . and this is the stunning part . . . they don't really come from Gooty! The first specimen was found on a woodpile for a train in Gooty, India, one hundred years ago, and it took close to a hundred years for anyone to figure out where they really came from. A bloke named Hendriks braved Bengal tigers, heavily armed Indian outlaws, and worst of all, the Indian Customs Export Bureau to take seven tarantulas back to Europe. He successfully bred them. You're looking at the child of one of those original seven! Primarily, however, this post is FILLER. I had to do something to push my REAL POST OF THE DAY a bit farther down the page. Formatting issues, folks: scroll down and you'll see the problem. If I knew more HTML, *&#$!@ like this wouldn't happen. D.