Monday, November 07, 2005


Here's what I have so far for Smart Bitches Day: Compared to film, literature is not jam-packed with hookers. Wikipedia has an incomplete list; they've left out Stephen Crane's Maggie, and William T. Vollmann's Butterfly Stories, too. There are probably other omissions, but the fact remains: damn, that's one short list. I had wanted to say something insightful about the prostitute as a literary archetype, partly because today is Smart Bitches Day*, partly because my NaNoWriMo protag is an alien who falls for a synthetic human hooker. But now I'm looking at the clock. It's 9:22 and I haven't written word one towards NaNoWriMo. Sure, I'm far enough ahead I could take a day off, but I'm worried I'll lose momentum. If I don't start writing RIGHT NOW, I'm going to plotz. You should picture a very literary way of plotzing. As it is, I fear I will write a 1,666 word dream sequence for today's NaNoWriMo quota. To use another Yiddishism, I ain't got bupkes. 9:27 . . . D. *Note added at 11:34. That came out all wrong. See, I wanted to look at the prostitute-john relationship as it presents in literature. That makes it SBD-worthy. I think it's a fascinating relationship (in literary terms -- I'm willing to bet the 'relationship' in real life is depressing, or boring, or both) because the power play is so very different from your standard romance. Second note: 1600 words tonight. Not bad . . . and no dream sequence, either. D.


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