Sunday, April 17, 2005

Two dishwasher loads in one day. Not bad.

I got up at 7:30, futzed on the BBS for an hour, then settled down to work on The Brakan Correspondent. This chapter has been a bear. Cree and her father have reached a pivotal moment, and it's essential that each of their actions be not just understandable but inevitable. Yesterday, I doctored Cree's scenes; today, I cut away to General Voss and his hijinks. Much more fun to hang out with the Dobolu horde than the poor doomed Huurans anyway. It took me three hours to write a little over 1000 words. Not bad, not great. Afterwards, I finished getting whupped by Jacob on the Warcraft boardgame (yes, there's a boardgame), and then I rewarded myself by cleaning the kitchen. Next, I hopped over to the BBS, did some critting, then got started on dinner. On the menu tonight: beef shank ossobuco and focaccia. I added too much olive oil to the focaccia dough, which led to a pleasant discovery. The end result was much airier than usual, almost cake-like. The ossobuco turned out well, too, even though I didn't have any lemons. While waiting for the ossobuco to cook, I played a bit of World of Warcraft, but Jake took that over as soon as I figured out how to buy a pet. He's upstairs right now, training his newly purchased scorpid, Jeff. Tossed off that computer, I came downstairs and started a mammoth project: I'm revamping Medical Consumer's Advocate. I've added some cool links to the ear candling page, in case you're interested, including a link to the infamous butt candling website. Anyway, with over 160 articles to edit, this is going to take some time. Karen's taking Jake to the neurologist tomorrow. With a normal CT, MRI, and labs, it's unlikely Dr. Ali will find anything. I just hope he'll have some useful treatment recommendations. I promise to be more interesting next time. D.


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