Monday, December 12, 2005

You know your blog is on the map when . . .

Wikipedia picks you up. (Look under Influences, Books, etc.) Veterans to my blog might remember my not-so-memorable review of John Scalzi's novel Old Man's War. That review barely made a splash on the blogosphere. But then Karen read Scalzi's novel, had a fit, and convinced me to post her scathing opinions. The author weighed in (see the comments), shouted it out on his blog, and the whole thing drummed up more than a little traffic for me. A few months ago, I began noticing a steady trickle of hits from folks coming to me via Wikipedia. At the time, it struck me as kind of neat -- sort of like seeing your name mentioned in the paper. I never bothered to blog about it until now. Why? Because Wikipedia is one of the top search terms over at Technorati, and I'm feeling mighty slutty right about now. More later. I promise. Gotta go watch The Daily Show & Colbert, then clean the kitchen first. D. Technorati tag:


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