Saturday, October 08, 2005

Editing update

Like my pal Michelle, I'm editing my fat mothah manuscript. I punched it in earnest this morning and revamped the prologue, turning it into chapter one. This involved selecting the word "Prologue", deleting it, and typing "ONE". Aah. The feeling of accomplishment. But seriously, folks. I can't dredge much humor out of the editing process, so I'd rather not post on it too frequently. Here's the plan. I'll put up a ditsy graphic on my right sidebar, and I'll post the stats in this entry, which I will update as needed. Aforementioned ditsy graphic shall be linked to this post. Debi, you're probably the only one who gives a damn about this, since you're fool enough to want to read TBC a second time. One other thing. I'm still feeling a bit shaky on this prologue -- erm, Chapter One. If there are any TBC virgins out there who would like to read a 4600 word first chapter and give me feedback, email me privately. Let me know what file types you can read. (I don't need a line crit. A simple "this works for me, this doesn't" will do.)
Stats 10/22/05 33447/304002 = 11%
10/16/05: Slow-going. I've been working over Chapter One, trying to get it just right. Many thanks to those of you who sent me your comments on this chapter; I think I've incorporated a great deal of those suggestions. 10/22/05: I finished Chapters Four and Five, which includes Bare Rump's first POV chapter. She's such a wonderful character. 10/23/05: I finished Chapters Six and Seven. Looking gloomily forward to next weekend, when we move back into our Harbor house. I doubt I'll have much chance to edit during the move. D.


Blogger Darla said...

Argh. This is the 3rd request I've seen today for beta readers. It's also the most tempting, as you specifically said line crits weren't necessary, and it's only one chapter, even if it is a long-ass one.

You'll hear from me if I succumb to temptation.

10/09/2005 04:01:00 AM  
Anonymous keith said...

I'd be happy to read your chapter, doug, if you want to send it over...

10/09/2005 07:54:00 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Keith, I'd love to send it to you, but I think you've read it before. It's the one about the guardcocks in the mountains "protecting" the Aban refugees. If that doesn't sound familiar, let me know, and I'll send it on.

Darla, I got your email. Thank you.

10/09/2005 08:03:00 AM  
Anonymous keith said...

Oh, okay, sorry doug... my mistake...

10/09/2005 10:00:00 AM  
Blogger Jona said...

Doug, you remember how easily confused I get(?!), please confirm where you are with the editing...

10/09/2005 11:03:00 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

No problem, Keith.

Here's what I did, Debi:

1. I went through and corrected major problems.

2. I read through a hard copy, penciling in corrections. I decided what other plot holes would need to be filled. (Sul has a lot of changes coming.)

3. Now I'm going through the ms on the computer, making changes.

See ya!

10/09/2005 01:24:00 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

If you wanted a thorough edit, I would volunteer. I'm too honest (and normally interested in the work) to give the standard weekend workshop formula of two warm fuzzies and a 'this is unclear,' though.

I like to edit how I prefer people criticize my work: accurate, assiduous, and not full of hollow praise.

In what genre do you usually write (sorry if I missed that in an earlier post - new reader)?

10/09/2005 04:14:00 PM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Alex, I've emailed you.

I write science fiction, but I like to flatter myself that I'm a satirist first, SF writer second. If you believe that the science should be central to an SF story, then TBC is pretty damned weak as SF.

As for more thorough edits, that's up to my critters.

10/09/2005 04:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I'm waaayyyy too swamped to take on any more ms readings, I can definitely sympathize and send wishes for a speedy and effective revision phase. :)

In other news, I referred a friend to your "Saul the Deserted" in Neverary #8 as a darn good example of what can be done with historical fantasy, once the author looks beyond the Arthurian blinders the subgenre tends to wear. His comment? "Dude, that story totally rocked! It was so awesome that he was using Homer as a character in the Saul story. And the mercenary aspect--that was ingenious! Really well done story."

Thought I'd pass the kudos along!


10/09/2005 08:21:00 PM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Hey, Lon! Thanks for that. And the rest of y'all can read the story at Neverary.

I can hardly wait until Lon's back wearing his editor's hat.

10/09/2005 08:35:00 PM  

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