Sunday, June 26, 2005

Movie trailers for morons

In recent years, I've noticed an odd trend in trailers for mature films. (Mature? Read: for adults -- after all, you can't call 'em adult movies.) I noticed it again watching this trailer for the chick flick Asylum. Everything is revealed. Everything. They're only holding back on the ending, but anyone with an ounce of dramatic sense knows Natasha Richardson ain't gonna get iced by the sexy crazy man. My prediction: she breaks up with her husband but she doesn't end with Mr. Looney Tunes either. They're going to go for the bittersweet angle. Or: she'll stay with her husband, and their marriage will be somehow stronger thanks to her intimate brush with a murderer. That's the Hollywood ending, but since this is a UK flick, I'm going for option 1. The same cannot be said for children's movie trailers (and I've seen a lot of them). Their problem is they give away nearly every good joke in the movie, as with the movie Madagascar. But at least they don't give you the blow-by-blow on the plot. Could it be that adults have less tolerance for uncertainty than children? Or is there a simpler explanation? We're going to see George Romero's Land of the Dead today. That's one trailer that doesn't give away the store. D.


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