Monday, May 30, 2005

Darth Yawn

I'm not a Star Wars fanboy. Never was, never will be. Sure, I saw the first three as a kid (and had the good taste to despise ewoks even then), but when Lucas started grinding the cash cow with Episode 1, I read the reviews. Feh. Not even Natalie Hershlag* could get me off my ass & down to the theater . . . and this, despite the fact she was just as cute as she was in The Professional, but grown up now. I'll wait until Alan Moore's V for Vendetta comes out; Natalie plays Evey. Back to the story that should have died long ago in a galaxy far, far away. It's bad enough Walmart defines science fiction as 'that which has Star Wars in the title'; now, Blogger -- my host -- persists in posting a link to Darth Vader's Blog on its 'Blogs of Note' list, even though Darth has thrown in the quill. This evening, I popped over to see what Darth is up to, and discovered that he wrote his last post nearly two weeks ago. As of this writing, Darth's terminal entry has racked up close to 600 comments. 600 comments, my minions, and for what? I defy you to read that Sith bastard's blather without falling asleep. Will someone unplug his respirator -- please? I had stopped by before. All this resentment has been brewing for some time, let me tell you. This isn't merely the ire of a non-fanboy left out in the cold, the one kid who doesn't get the joke. It's the fact that I do get the joke, and it isn't as funny as it could be. Not by half. It enrages me, seeing a great comic opportunity pissed away. (Aren't there more important things in the world for me to be upset about? You betcha, but this isn't a political blog. I understand there are already a few of those out there in the blogosphere.) But I have plans. Oh, do I have plans. And I won't have to rip off anyone's creative product except my own. Watch this space. D. *Natalie, Natalie. Why did you have to take a shikseh name like Portman? Think of all the Jewish boys who would not have given up looking for Jewish brides, simply because they knew there were girls like you in the Jewniverse?


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