Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No one-liners in today's Dowd Op-Ed

Full text of today's Maureen Dowd NYT Op-Ed, Vice Axes That 70s Show, is up at The Peking Duck (thanks, PD!) She hasn't given us much new material, I'm afraid; only one interesting bit of recent history: As attorney general, John Ashcroft clamped down on the Freedom of Information Act. For two years, the Pentagon has been sitting on a request from The Times's Jeff Gerth to cough up a secret 500-page document prepared by Halliburton on what to do with Iraq's oil industry - a plan it wrote several months before the invasion of Iraq, and before it got a no-bid contract to implement the plan (and overbill the U.S.) . . . and one bit of ancient history: Consider this: when Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, supported by President Ford, pushed a plan to have the government help develop alternative sources of energy and reduce our dependence on oil and Saudi Arabia, guess who helped scotch it? Oy. When are the leaders of our country going to get their heads out of their oil wells? D. Technorati tag:


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