Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kra Dook, anyone?

Tonight's dinner reminded me how much I love this sauce. Thai food rocks. Inspired by a similar recipe in Pojanee Vatanapan's Thai Cookbook, here's my version of Kra Dook Moo Tod: 4 pounds of pork ribs, cut into 1 to 2 inch pieces 2 tablespoons peanut oil 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup fish sauce 2 tablespoons soy sauce (black soy sauce preferred) Simmer the rib meat in mildly salted water for one hour or until tender. Drain thoroughly. Saute the onion in the oil until light brown. Add the pepper, sugar, fish sauce, and soy sauce. Stirring constantly, cook the sauce over medium heat until sticky, about 6 to 8 minutes. Add the rib meat and toss to coat. Serve over steamed white rice.
I cannot think of a single meat (or vegetable, for that matter) which would not strut its stuff under this sauce. Poultry, fish, you name it. I'm betting even okra would taste good with a thick layer of salty-sweet-peppery-oniony goodness all over it. Emphasis on salty. The white rice is essential (although, Atkins junkie that I am, I skipped the white rice and I'm alive to write about it). For those of you not wise in the way of fish sauce, that's the source of the salt in this recipe. Oh . . . don't be put off by the smell. By the way: in the original recipe, the author recommends deep-frying spare ribs. Yes, this is superior (the crispiness makes the dish that much more . . . omigod I almost channeled Martha Stewart and wrote delectable . . . delicious -- ack! Yummy? Tasty? God in heaven, what words hasn't Martha ruined?) But my version is healthier and far less messy to prepare. Now: if someone can tell me where I can buy Szechuan peppercorns, my life will be complete. D.


Blogger Jona said...

*** Congratulations on the NaNO Write, Doug! ***


11/30/2005 12:16:00 AM  
Blogger mm said...

Yeah Doug. Way to finish Nano!

11/30/2005 03:12:00 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

thanks -- more comments to follow.

11/30/2005 07:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Candy said...

OK, this sounds so simple and so GOOD. I even have fish sauce sitting around at home. Mmmmmm. I'm even thinking I should invite friends over and inflict the pork ribs in fish sauce goodness on them.

11/30/2005 07:58:00 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Do it, Candy. You'll be a star in their eyes.

11/30/2005 08:08:00 AM  
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